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4L rigid-flex2~16Layers China Rigid-flex PCB

Layer Count: 2L flex + 2L rigid, 4Layer 

Material: FR4 and PI; Board thickness: 0.3mm flex + 1.6mm rigid

Green soldermask,

0.3mm hole min, 6/6mil trace width/space;

Surface finish: ENIG

Application: Medical



6Layer Rigid-flex PCB

Layer Count: 2flex + 4rigid

Material: FR4 + PI, Board thickness: 0.2mm flex, total 1.2mm; 1/1/1/1/1/1oz copper finish,

0.25mm via, Red soldermask, White silkscreen, Min trace width/space: 4/4mil;

Surface finish: Immersion Gold(2~5u")

Application: Leaser Rotation Sensor



4 Layer rigid-flex  

Layer Count: 2L flex + 2L rigid, 4Layer

Material: FR4 and PI; Board thickness: 1.6mm+/-10%

Board size: 210x156mm/20-up;

Green soldermask, 0.3mm hole min, 8/10mil trace width/space;

Application: Industry control


standard 4 layer Rigid-flex build-up


Q: Why rigid-flex? What advantage does a rigid-flex printed circuit have comparied with rigid & flex board?
A: Combined with FPC and PCB advantages, rigid-flex circuits provides reliable 3 dimensional circuitry application with stable platform for stiffeners, components, heat steaks, pins and other possible value added items.Rigid-flex advantages & benefits:
  • Better reliability, signal integrity, noise reduction, and impedance control.
  • Reduces mechanical space and device weight.
  • Improves design freedom.
  • HDI microvia.
  • Cost-saving alternative to multi-layer FPC.

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