German PCB Sales Up 7% in March

German PCB Sales Up 7% in March

ZVEI PCB and Electronic Systems has reported that Germany's PCB sales in March went up by 7% compared to the previous month. Sales volume, however, was significantly low.
Incoming orders were weak compared to year-ago period. Although February values were strong, the overall orders on a monthly and quarterly basis were lower than the same period last year. On a slightly positive note, makers said that as there had been too many order cancellations in the previous year compared to this year, the lower value does not reflect lost volume orders.

      The book-to-bill ratio reached 0.90, and backlogs are still well above the long-term average.

      The number of employees rose slightly this year, but remains 3% below last year as short-term contracts and the use of temporary staff have now become more common than was the case in previous years.

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