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01) What types of bare board fabrication are you best suited for?
We build single-sided, double-sided and multilayer plated-thru-hole boards. Currently, we are best equipped for prototype, small and medium production quantities on FR4 and high end material. Size and complexity of the boards will determine what our capacity is. We offer solder mask with or without SMOBC, legend silk screening, nickel/gold-plated tabs and CNC scored or routed boards. We specialize in scoring panelization for fast efficient assembly of your bare boards.      

02) What format can you read?
We prefer to receive Gerber data, HPGL, extended Gerber CAM350 (RS274X) or ACAD DWG/DXF, but if you cannot output in these formats, send your design data and we will arrange for it to be post processed.

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